Begin by Defining Creativity and what it looks like in the classroom. Results will be displayed on the Front Screen.
Define Creativity

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Each group will work with one of the verbs from Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.

  1. Read the vignette, description of the verb, and the "Looks Like/Sounds Like" table.
  2. Explore the graphic organizer or acrostics found on the //Solution Tree website//.
  3. Explore the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy resources.
  4. Record your thoughts and ideas using Smore. Each group will have 30 minutes to work and will then share out. Your Smore flyer should illustrate:
    • An instructional strategy that is aligned with your verb
    • An assessment strategy to determine students' abilities with this verb
    • Important words and phrases associated with your verb.


Visit the Solution Tree website for reproducibles and live links:
Revised Bloom's Taxonomy resources:

Smore is one of the easiest platforms for [[#|online publishing]]. In just a matter of minutes, you can publish your online flyer and have your content out on the web. Just request access and wait for your confirmation E-mail. Once you are accepted, you can create sleek flyers and web content that is eye-catching, interesting, and easy to navigate.

A Cupcake Story from Smore on Vimeo.



Task #1: Check out some of the Smore Trending Flyers to get some ideas for how you can use Smore.

Task #2: Click here to sign up for a free Smore account, and start making your own flyer.

Classroom Implications
Since Smore is so easy to use and navigate, students can [[#|create flyers]] to demonstrate their understanding of a concept in no time. By simply choosing from the types of content from the Smore menu, students can add videos, links, text, photos, events, and much more.

Smore gives students the opportunity to be creative and choose how they want to share their knowledge. All they need is an E-mail address to sign up.

Administrative Implications
Share information with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders using this easy-to-use, visually-appealing platform. In minutes, create a flyer for Open House, PLCs, or other meetings.

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“The resources provided during the course of this NCDPI [[#|training]] have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing resources available, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive resources for the purposes outlined during this training."

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