Dare County EVAAS for Administrators

Dare County EVAAS

Formative Assessment (Daily vs. Common) - Thomasville City Schools

Formative Assessment (Data Teams within the PLC) - Thomasville City Schools

Home Base - Yadkin County

Summary Evaluations

Central Office Evaluation Instrument

Support Staff Evaluation Instrument(s)

Principal READY - Spring, 2014

Text Complexity - Caswell County

Home Base - Rockingham County

Rater to Rater Reliability - Lexington City Schools - April 3

Summary Evaluations - Webinar and Resources

Online PD Tool Webinar

Fidelity Check - Spring, 2014

Teacher Leadership


Rater to Rater Reliablity - Thomasville City Schools - February 26

Data Teams for PLCs

Math RESA Updates- Spring 2014

Davie County Professional Development Day - January 22

Educator Evaluation Refresher Session - December 11

Home Base Refresher Session - December 10

Math - Caswell County

Math- Caswell County Follow-up

Home Base - Davidson County

Guilford County - NCEES Support

Davie County Professional Development Day - November 1

Data Driven Decision Making and Data Teams

Fall 2013 Fidelity Check

NCEES - Fostering Global Awareness

NC Principal READY Meeting Breakout Session - Standard 3

Home Base Resources

Conceptual Social Studies - Davidson County Schools

Social Studies - Pacing Guides (CHCCS, August 2013)

ACT, PLAN and Explore - August 29, 2013

NCEES Fine Tuning (Coaching)

Literacy Across the Curriculum


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