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General Resources

Mathematics in Movies
Short movie clips related to a variety of math topics.

Mathematical Fiction
Plays, short stories, comic books and novels dealing with math.

The Shodor Educational Foundation
This website has extensive notes, lesson plans and applets aligned with the standards.

NEA Portal Arkansas Video Lessons online
The NEA portal has short videos aligned to each standard. This resource may be very helpful for
students who need review at home.

This is another good resource for parents and students who need a refresher on topics.

Math Words
This is a good reference for math terms.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Java must be enabled for this applet to run. This website has a wealth of virtual manipulatives
helpful for use in presentation. The resources are listed by domain.

Geogebra Download
Free software similar to Geometer’s Sketchpad. This program has applications for algebra,
geometry & statistics

Resources for Problem
based Learning
Dan Meyer’s Website
Dan Meyer has created many problem
based learning tasks. The tasks have great hooks for the
students and are aligned to the standards in this

Andrew Stadel
Andrew Stadel has created many problem based learning tasks using the same format as Dan

Robert Palinsky
Robert Palinsky has created many tasks that engage students with real life situations.

Geoff Krall’s Emergent Math

Geoff Krall has created a curriculum map structured around problem based learning tasks